Photographs of Fabrizio Uliana

I hereby inform you that April 30 at 18:00
I will present my photo book
Anamorphic Venice
Venise anamorphique
at ISOLA, the Cantine Littéraire (a Venetian bacaro in Paris),
15 Rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris
You will also have the opportunity to see some images printed in FinArt 50 by 70 cm

The philosopher Frédéric Cossutta and thel inguist Dominique Maingueneau
will share their reflections during the meeting.

There will be a glass of friendship (Prosecco of course), in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.
For a better organization of the event, please kindly
to confirm your presence at ISOLA (Guido) tél. 01 43 55 81 17

Venice anamorphic

by Fabrizio Uliana

with texts by:
Carlo Chiapponi, photographer
Frédéric Cossutta, philosopher
Dominique Maingueneau, linguist

After the high waters that flooded Venice on November 17, 2019, I started taking photos of this magical place, far from any aesthetic cliché and the harmonious spectacle of its representations, to provoke a reflection on its future. Using just a smartphone, I tried to push its limits, where the shooting algorithms make the photos enigmatic, dreamlike, ironic, dynamic, tending to disorient, to provoke worry and confusion: to “see things as they do not exist”. Indeed, with a dynamic, circular and semi-circular movement, like a meditative gesture of Tai Chi, I created images far from reality, on the border between chaos and order, working on optical illusion, suggesting non-existent, deceptive depths, at the limits of hallucination.

To get the book
please send an email to:
40.00 EUR
shipping in Italy and Europe 15.00 euros
shipping in France 10.00 euros

ISBN number: 079-10-415-2146-3

Print run: 200 numbered copies signed by the author;
in each copy, a 13 by 18 cm photo

Finished printing in August 2023 in France
on ESCOURBIAC presses

Book format: 21.00 × 25.50 cm
Number of pages: 80
Inner paper
48 pages Printing: Four-color recto/verso
paper: SYMBOL TATAMI WHITE 150 g/m2
32 pages Printing: White recto/verso
paper: SIRIO COLOR Cherry 115 g/m2

4-fold wraparound Sirio Color E20 Cherry 290 g/m2 paper
Screen printing with glossy UV varnish and white recto/verso